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CBC BuildingCarlton-Bates Company (CBC), part of the Fortune 500 WESCO International, Inc. family of companies, is a trusted provider of specialized services and a leading distributor of automation controls and electronic and electromechanical products. With industrial original equipment manufacturers ("OEM") and maintenance, repair and operating ("MRO") clients from coast-to-coast, CBC operates more than 30 sales and distribution offices in North America and international markets, providing a local presence for customers and a global network to serve multi-location businesses and multi-national corporations.

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In 1957, CBC opened its doors to supply electronic components and equipment to the growing industrial plants of Arkansas. The venture was built by two men who dreamed that someday most or all of the moving parts in any industrial plant would be controlled by electronic devices. However, neither of the founders envisioned the rapid and revolutionary changes that in a few years would result in a small computer-like device operating machines performing all types of manufacturing processes and movement of assembly and conveyor lines. This high-tech revolution, ignited by the invention of the transistor by Bell Labs in 1947, not only brought electronics to manufacturing plants, but to hospitals, utilities, government installations, construction, and all types of businesses.

Why You Should Partner With Us

Carlton-Bates Company is more than a distributor of products and a recognized leader in customized services and solutions. We are an innovator dedicated to engaging our clients far deeper than most parts suppliers. We deliver unmatched value through our:

As part of the WESCO family of companies, CBC is positioned better than ever to service our customers. Our parent company, WESCO International, is a leading provider of electrical, industrial, communications, MRO, and advanced supply chain and logistics services. With WESCO’s more than 400 full-service branches in North America and international markets, we are able to provide both a local market presence and a global network to service multi-location and multi-national companies.

In short, you should partner with us because we are a trusted partner to many of today’s leading manufacturers who rely on our expertise to deliver creative solutions, a competitive advantage and financially measurable value to their business.

We look forward to working with you and your company.

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