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Inventory Management

Vendor Managed Inventory

Get exactly what you need.

Are you ready to reduce your costs by…?

  • Reducing downtime and inefficiency
  • Eliminating logistical errors
  • Shrinking your inventory
  • Decreasing your time to market
  • Reducing material handling

Through our Vendor Managed Inventory services, Carlton-Bates is able to provide full service supply chain solutions that will help reduce your costs by providing efficiencies and eliminating both material and manpower waste. Depending on your specific VMI need, below are just a few benefits of what we can offer.

  • Site survey – to insure a full understanding of your needs
  • Customizable solution – central store and/or point-of-use
  • Implementation team – experienced team focused on seamless implementation
  • Staffing – dedicated VMI Tech to service your VMI model
  • Quarterly reviews – to ensure that the solution always meets your evolving needs

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Next-Generation Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • Enables ordering into WESNET and WIS via user-friendly mobile app and website
  • Flexible solutions for replenishment, checkout, and two-bin Kanban storerooms
  • Scan from catalog ordering
  • Data management and reporting capabilities
Automated VMI Racking Solution

Automated VMI Racking Solution

  • Each smart bin automatically detects low levels and instantly sends a replenishment alert
  • Reduces replenishment time and overstocking of bins
  • Smarter Spaces technology offers single-wide and double-wide bins for flexible configurations
Vending Cabinet

Vending Cabinet

  • Secure access and video monitoring
  • Dispensing costs 50-70% lower than traditional machines
  • Intelligent replenishment options replace 2-4 traditional machines
  • Job and user allocation and restrictions available
Automated Storeroom Solution

Automated Storeroom and Project Trailer Solution

  • Add to any new or existing storeroom, cage or job trailer
  • Secure access and video monitoring
  • Intelligent replenishment options with data management and reporting capabilities
Helical Machines and Lockers

Traditional Vending Machines and Lockers

  • Economical and 100% secure
  • Intelligent replenishment options using mobile, hardwire or Wi-Fi technology
  • Multiple machine networking capability
  • User and job allocation and restrictions available

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Please fill out the form below or contact Dawn Akridge at 501-235-5283 to learn more about Vendor Managed Inventory services from Carlton-Bates.