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When Performance and Quality Matters

Sanyo Denki America is your ultimate source for implementing cutting-edge thermal management solutions. For over 90 years, Sanyo Denki has provided industry-leading reliability and performance to accommodate the ever-increasing cooling demands of customers around the world. Sanyo Denki continues to thrive in leading the industry with a commitment to total customer satisfaction and the success of its business partners.

{"altText":"San Ace New Oil-Proof Fan 9WFA Type","mainImage":"/medias/sys_master/root/hd0/hc6/9550735769630/-CBC-SANYO-DENKI-Update-Brand-Store-20200801-main.png","backgroundImage":"/medias/sys_master/root/h06/h63/9550735835166/-CBC-SANYO-DENKI-Update-Brand-Store-20200801-bg.jpg","logoImage":"","backgroundColor":"01294C","buttonColor":"F4D35E","target":"_self","url":""} San Ace New Oil-Proof Fan 9WFA Type

Industry’s Highest Airflow & Static Pressure