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Consulting and Coaching

Consulting, Coaching

The first step in our Lean consulting and coaching process is to gain an understanding of your business and the challenges you face. After an onsite review of business operations and strategies, we will work with you to complete an assessment of the current state of your business.

The assessment is a straightforward view of the problems and opportunities within the business and its operations. We also outline strategies for next steps and set expectations about achievable goals for the next three to six months.

During the assessment process, we will carefully review your operations to identify waste that can be eliminated and systemic improvements that will reduce costs and enhance value delivery. We engage your team to create a future state vision that results in major performance gains and sets the stage for establishing lean value streams, management systems, and culture.

We apply analytic techniques that focus on your key processes, identify better ways to do the work, and make sure your people have the skills they need to work to a highly productive and satisfying level of engagement. Regardless of your first steps, every activity from this point forward has the dual purpose of getting positive bottom-line results, and teaching your workforce how to analyze and improve the processes they own.