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Lean Solutions

Lean Solution

Help Your Business Maximize Activity While Saving Money

Our Lean solution is a multi-step structured approach of analyzing your internal processes and workflow. We look for ways to produce at the lowest cost, reduce lead times and improve customer service, quality and safety. The result is long-term sustainability through value creation and enhancement at every step in the extended enterprise supply chain.

We’ve Streamlined Our Lean Process Down to Four Simple Steps.

We learn your goals and needs with a site visit and discussion. Operations are carefully observed to understand your customers’ needs and your product’s value proposition. We compare your operations to ideal lean models we’ve developed in similar operations.

This assessment provides the absolute truth about what is happening and identifies how to launch the transformation of the organization. We define a future vision for the operation, identify cost-saving and performance gains and establish a road map for achieving this vision quickly.

Lean Solution

Boot Camp
We execute projects through highly effective and carefully prepared, three to five day operational improvement workshops. During the boot camp, your teams learn principles, practices, tools, techniques and underlying theories behind everything we do.

Once future state operations are in place, we implement an effective lean daily management system based on the principles of Jidoka. This ensures that implemented improvements stick and provides a strong foundation for problem solving and continuous improvement capabilities.

Want to learn what waste your company can eliminate? It all starts with a free one-day assessment. Please fill out the form below to have a member of our team contact you about Lean Solutions services from Carlton-Bates.